Doll's Dolly Ragdoll

Seductive elegance...        The most faithful companion...          This is the Ragdoll

Blue eyes In which to get lost ...

Our goal

The Ragdollsdolly are the loves of our life and we consider them as full members of

our family.


The goal that we want to achieve and maintain the best of the breed standards is

the selection we are pursuing and keeping in our lines to guarantee the main

characteristics not only in the appearance of our puppies but also in the character,

which is the characteristic most important in this breed.


To this end we can guarantee for each of our kittens a truthful description of their behavioral characteristics, because we dedicate them, from the first day of birth until the one in which they reach the new families, continuous attention.


For this reason we know each of them very well, we also want to clarify that in our house they are free and always live in contact with us they have no restriction or limitation area, before entrusting a kitten this is an important requirement for us, of which we always ask the obligation of people who are interested in our angels.


  • Each of our breeders is tested for FIV genetic diseases (feline immunodeficiency syndrome), FELV (feline leukemia virus), and HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and PKD. (we care a lot about their health both of our breeders and our kittens.

  • The kittens are sold with a contract specifying the rules to guarantee a peaceful life for our kittens

  • When they are sold by pet, sterilization is carried out before the kitten is sold

  • Ours is a closed breeding and therefore we only give breeders abroad and only to breeders with regular affixing, implementing a selection by those interested in our lines

  • Each kitten at the time of sale is provided with deworming and two trivalent vaccines with relative health record and are also equipped with regular microchips

  • Each kitten has a regular 5-generation pedigree that will be given to the association after request to avoid waiting times in the nominative step, so it will be requested directly with the name of the new owners.


Our kittens are followed by the veterinary center of the dot Paola Currado di Alba, a lover of all breeds of animals, we advise you to look for a veterinarian who has at heart and who feels love for every type of animal or who has a predilection for felines so as to have greater security in case of need for an eye for your life companions.

As we said we are a big family and for this reason we are available 24 hours a day for those who need advice or help with their cats both with the families that become part of the Ragsdollsdolly world and with every person who is in difficulty regardless of which cat he owns.

We love our Ragdolls but we also love all cats in the world of race and not.