our male diamond of cattery 


seal bicolor 

born 29/06/2019

Qaiser will soon be the new dad of our future kittens!

Qaiser is a true angel born in Norway in one of the most prestigious and world famous breeding of Ragdolls for 30 years.

In addition to its wonderful characteristics, the beauty god Qasier has a super soft coat, generations of ragdolls with deep blue eyes behind them and an immeasurably sweet tempering obtained by his breeder with careful selections implemented in his years of passion for this special breed.

Qaiser is our star, the flagship diamond of our perpoter breeding, to satisfy the needs for pet theraphy kitten requests and the wishes of all those who love ragdolls.

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My Epic Affinity 

Mitted red whith flame

born 9 agust 2018

My Epic Affinity in Ragsdollsdolly is the father of our future kittens.

Selected from a large breeding farm in Belgium, it has an extra sweet temperament and features a super soft coat.

Genetically it comes from carefully selected lines to obtain litters with deep blue eyes.

Our Affinity is the king of our breeding and future promise of Championship.

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