our male diamond of cattery 


seal bicolor 

born 29/06/2019

Qaiser will soon be the new dad of our future kittens!

Qaiser is a true angel born in Norway in one of the most prestigious and world famous breeding of Ragdolls for 30 years.

In addition to its wonderful characteristics, the beauty god Qasier has a super soft coat, generations of ragdolls with deep blue eyes behind them and an immeasurably sweet tempering obtained by his breeder with careful selections implemented in his years of passion for this special breed.

Qaiser is our star, the flagship diamond of our perpoter breeding, to satisfy the needs for pet theraphy kitten requests and the wishes of all those who love ragdolls.

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The Ragdollsdolly

The Ragdollsdolly are born thanks to a mother and a grandmother and to their meeting with a stupendous Ragdoll cat named Sweetdolls Rory.


When I heard about the characteristics of this breed I did not believe much in what I heard the Ragdolls say, I was very skeptical to my mind but I had to change my mind very soon.


My mother Giovanna despite the skepticism that we all a little decided to accept Rory anyway and thanks to her all our lives changed.


We soon realized that everything we had heard was real and Rory immediately showed us an immense love so great as to be totally dependent on our presence and gave us his every moment of the day and night.


A super big cat who never left us alone, who followed us everywhere like a shadow, who abandoned herself in our arms, showing us her total trust, living it did not seem real but a dream because it was not a common cat at all had something really special.

The event that triggered in me the dream of being able to raise the Ragdolls was born when my grandmother came to us during a difficult period for her.

At that moment I was struck by a bolt of lightning from Rory.


She, though not knowing her well and seeing her rarely, immediately perceived her discomfort and approached her in an incomprehensible way for us at the beginning. He kept her close and began to follow her everywhere during the day and to sleep with her that night which left us speechless. The power to perceive a person's malaise demonstrated a unique quality and in fact he never left my grandmother alone until he was better. When you hear about the power of the pet theraphy, open up to the possibility that it is true because I assure you that these creatures are really sensitive to the incredible. They empathize with the people who meet and feel every single vibration they emit.


This is how the Ragsdollsdolly were born and the person to whom I dedicate every success is precisely my dear grandmother Lidia who unfortunately is no longer present.


The goal of the Ragsdollsdolly is to give a soul to all those families that love felines that give them unconditional love, they steal smiles and win their hearts forever with their sweetness just like our Rory did with us.

The Radsdollsdolly are a family more than a breeding and in our name I welcome you to our little big world!