Meow and welcome to world of Ragdollsdolly cattery of ragdoll cats!

 If you love Ragdoll's cats & kittens, here you can discover many things about the our  world!  


Meow e benvenuti nel mondo di Ragsdollsdolly allevamento di gatti Ragdolls!

Se amate i ragdoll gatti e gattini, qui potrai scoprire molte cose riguardo il loro mondo ! 

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The arrival of the kittens

Preparing the house for the kitten is essential: the spaces dedicated to the cat must be organized. Small steps will help protect you from possible accidents.


Useful tips

I Ragsdollsdolly

The Ragsdollsdolly cattery operates by selecting healthy, sweet and standardized cats. He prefers quality rather than quantity.


IN ITALY BUT ONLY FOR FOREIGN BREEDS, to which specific information will be requested on how our kitten will be kept.

The pet kittens, those that have defects of mantle, are given to people

who are looking for the love and the sweetness that only this cat

can give and in these cases the sterilization of the cat to preserve it from different pathologies takes place before the sale.

A “not for breeder” pedigree is issued to the pet kittens.


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