Blue eyes in which to get lost...  Seductive elegance...         The most faithful companion...          This is the Ragdoll

Ragsdollsdolly Ragdoll

we are TICA members

Our cats

We have selected our cats abroad starting from Poland with the beautiful blue bicolor Lauren lovingly called by us Candy, another future mother is the little Hellen who came from Scotland an extraordinary dark blue mitted with intense blue eyes like the depths of the sea , with an infinitely sweet character, we then began the search for a little boy arrived from Belgium the super soft cuddly Affinity a specimen of red mitted with flame that has captured our hearts in every way both for its beauty and for the characteristics of his character.


We are currently working with breeders of other parts of the way to integrate another princess and a prince who will probably come to us from here in a year, we will always update our site to provide you with all possible information and to give you the opportunity to have puppies with a super-sweet character from the original Ragdolls

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Here we cannot fail to dedicate a short list of our house mascots. Loving our cats and our kittens so much, it happened that we could not entrust some of them and these are the first kitten born by us Chesterfield Satomy a huge and beautiful dark cream, a second kitten born from our Lauren Candy Derek Antonio a very nice Bicolor Seal, the funny soul of the house, only to think of not having it with us everything seemed sad to us and so it remained as our Mascot par excellence.

Although we are breeders what we do we do with the heart we devote to our cats a lot of time and love and sometimes it is really difficult to see a kitten reach another family even if this family welcomes him with an immense love, but it is also true that we cannot keep them all with us, but our aim is to let the people who contact us know for the kittens the love and happiness they give us from their first breath.