our male diamond of cattery 


seal bicolor 

born 29/06/2019

Qaiser will soon be the new dad of our future kittens!

Qaiser is a true angel born in Norway in one of the most prestigious and world famous breeding of Ragdolls for 30 years.

In addition to its wonderful characteristics, the beauty god Qasier has a super soft coat, generations of ragdolls with deep blue eyes behind them and an immeasurably sweet tempering obtained by his breeder with careful selections implemented in his years of passion for this special breed.

Qaiser is our star, the flagship diamond of our perpoter breeding, to satisfy the needs for pet theraphy kitten requests and the wishes of all those who love ragdolls.

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bicolor blu 

born 29/09/2016 

Ragbenland Lauren Candy in Ragsdollsdolly is the diamond of our reproducers.

Our Stella comes from Poland from a prestigious breeding farm and has progenitors that are world stars.

The little girl is currently two years old and is still in the middle of the journey of her exhibition career but already enjoys the title of national champion in the Italian ANFI Championship.

A genetic heritage not indifferent guarantees in its kittens perfect characteristics of character and beauty.

His eyes are intense blue / purple, eyes that immediately caught our attention in the selection and then our heart.

Currently our Lauren Candy was a mother, and I add a super attentive and sweet mother, twice of 4 kittens for the first cuciolata and after a year of a single princess.

These kittens have maintained all the extraordinary characteristics of this extraordinary kitten.

We can say with satisfaction that you are our pride!

Ragbenland Lauren Candy 

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  mitted blu whit star

born 3/10/2016

RoyalRubydoll's Helen in Ragsdollsdolly is another diamond of our breeding.

Helen arrives from Scotland from a breeding farm which has now become inactive for family reasons and is the daughter of an Award Tica champion, our Helen brings with her a genetic line that is really difficult to find.

She has intense eyes as few specimens can boast, a super sweet character to leave with an open mouth. We have nicknamed it "the stolker" at home!

Our Helen is currently waiting to conceive her first litter with our My epic Affinity.

He is currently the holder of the title of National Champion in the Italian ANFI Championship.

The strong points are the beautiful eyes and its indescribable character to explain how much it is always present in search of us and of pampering.

With love and pride we affirm that you are a promise of our breeding!

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blu bicolore nata il 27/04/2019

Aquamarine Daenerys is currently the baby at home she was born in Hungary precisely in Budapest.

The beauty of this kitten is clear and visible in the lines of its nose and in the deep blue of its eyes.

She also won us over for her beautiful complex genetic heritage.

For her we will have reproduction plans only and exclusively for puppies requested by company; it will be possible to have puppies for reproduction after request for information and after agreement with the breeder of origin of the small.

A promising kitten in which we trust very good results in the championship.

She is still very young to have puppies, but we are counting on her to make happy those families who love ragdolls and are interested in everything and for everything to have a fine quality of wonderful kittens.

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