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Without pedigree? No thanks !

All purebred cats must be pedigreed in order to be defined as such. It often happens, however, that on the websites of the various announcements for animals one can read, for example: "pure Siamese thay without pedigree for sale at 300 e". What is wrong with this announcement? since the price also looks good?

ALL! Now let's see why:

What is the pedigree?

Let's start by saying that the pedigree is the identity card of the cat, the only document that certifies the origin of the cat and that qualifies the origin as a "purebred cat". The pedigree is a document issued by the Feline Associations, the only bodies responsible for certifying the origins of the animal. On the pedigree are usually indicated:

  • the name of the cat, the sex, the date of birth, the color, the registration number (in some cases even the microchip)
  • the indication of the litter brothers and sisters
  • the name of the farmer, the affix of the farm, the address
  • father and mother of the puppy, with their personal data, color and registration numbers
  • the line of descent, 4 or 5 generations, with all the data, color and registration indications for each cat

According to the Feline Associations of which the breeder is a member, there may be slightly different regulations but, in general, the breeder is required to report the birth of the litter to the Origins Book of his association in times ranging from 30 to 40 days on childbirth and, subsequently, to request the pedigrees of kittens.

Why is it so important?

Pedigree is the only way we can say "this cat is a purebred"! No other document can be used for this purpose, nor the claims of veterinarians or self-styled "experts".


If the cat has a pedigree, it is purebred, otherwise not! A cat without a pedigree, even if born to parents with pedigrees, cannot and is not considered to be purebred by any feline association or any serious breeder.

Pedigree is also important for other reasons: “knowing how to read” a cat's pedigree is a skill that breeders know very well, because only through this document is it possible to study the bloodlines that are behind our cats, to study them strengths and weaknesses and plan their own breed selection activities.

Buy without pedigree?

NEVER buy a purebred cat without a pedigree. You are simply buying a house cat!