Blue eyes in which to get lost...  Seductive elegance...         The most faithful companion...          This is the Ragdoll

Ragsdollsdolly Ragdoll

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Useful tips for your Ragdoll


The cat, by law, must travel within a suitable carrier that makes the journey safe for both the cat and the people on board the car. It is therefore essential for the kitten's safety.

It is important to make the journey as less traumatic and stressful as possible, so try to make the carrier comfortable by placing a pillow and a nice blanket inside; in this way the kitten will feel safer and will better face the journey by car.

photos by Cattery family of our king male My epic Affinity

Arrival in the new home

Preparing the house for the puppy is essential: the spaces dedicated to the cat must be organized. Small steps will help protect you from possible accidents.

Let us remember that the kitty feels a bit out of place on arrival in the new house, this is because leaving the cattery has lost its points of reference (mother, brothers, people and known environment), it is therefore useful to organize its arrival for the end week so you have more time to dedicate to him.

The adaptation of the kitten in the new house is a very delicate phase and must take place gradually and calmly.

Your puppy is in an unfamiliar environment, so anything or action could upset him in an already very delicate phase. Therefore avoid:

  • screams and altered tones of voice (generated by too much emphasis and euphoria)
  • to pass it from hand to hand as if it were an inanimate object, devoid of life.

Let them have the time to settle in, trying to recreate a peaceful environment, in this way they will become a quiet cat, confident, sweet and above all a great life partner!


photos by Cattery family of our king male My epic Affinity


Avoid any sudden change in diet, there would be a risk of causing digestive disorders, it is a good rule to always ask the advice of the breeder who has raised the kitten, taking care of proper nutrition.

If you wish to change your diet, make sure that the transition from the old to the new food takes place gradually and over a period of time not less than a week. This method helps to minimize the risk of dysentery and harmful intestinal disorders for the correct development of the kitten.

NEVER GRANT TASTING OF HOMEMADE FOOD WHILE LIVING OR DINING, it would acquire the bad habit of begging or stealing table food.