our male diamond of cattery 


seal bicolor 

born 29/06/2019

Qaiser will soon be the new dad of our future kittens!

Qaiser is a true angel born in Norway in one of the most prestigious and world famous breeding of Ragdolls for 30 years.

In addition to its wonderful characteristics, the beauty god Qasier has a super soft coat, generations of ragdolls with deep blue eyes behind them and an immeasurably sweet tempering obtained by his breeder with careful selections implemented in his years of passion for this special breed.

Qaiser is our star, the flagship diamond of our perpoter breeding, to satisfy the needs for pet theraphy kitten requests and the wishes of all those who love ragdolls.

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We currently have a 5 month old kitten female available.

Her name is Emily and she is a female tortie splin face daughter of our former breeders.

Available for company.

Our next litter is program for June 2020 between Royalrubydolls Helen (mitted blue with star) and My Epic Affinity (Red mitted with flame).

We will constantly update our website for pregnancy news.


The future litters of our breeding will have the possibility to be booked, having implemented a sophisticated selection of our breeders.

Give all thanks for having chosen us and our Ragdolls!

For information and reservations, do not hesitate to write to us from the contacts on our website or call us, we are at your disposal without time limits.


The thing we most care about is the search for people who can love and respect our kittens even when they have become beautiful cats!


The kittens are immediately accustomed to contact with us men and also with other house animals to make them sociable and confident towards everyone.

The kittens are immediately accustomed to contact with us men and also with other house animals to make them sociable and confident towards everyone.

This is why we let the kittens stay with their mother for at least three months after birth.

Our selection of  kittens for breed selection is limited to small farms that carry out their activity in exclusively domestic environments with no possible exception!



Terms of payment

To reserve a kitten it is necessary to pay a deposit of 1/3 of the total agreed amount (which will not be refunded in the event of a change of mind by the buyer, but can be used to reserve a kitten for a subsequent litter).

The balance must be paid within the set day for collection of the kitten .

In the event of a request for kittens from breed and agreement for them, which will be entrusted with exclusions to small foreign farms, of which we reserve the right to select the possible requests, the entire amount missing from the total balance of the kitten must be paid 4 days before departure by Bank transfer.

Payment can be made via:

bank transfer to IBAN indicated by the breeder.


For those unable to personally collect the puppy, we can arrange to deliver it, subject to agreement and subject to compensation only for travel expenses to be paid in advance together with the balance of the kitten.


Our kittens will be given by the company always provided with health card with the two trivalent vaccines, regular TICA and microchip pedigree.

Sterilization will take place before the puppy is transferred. (I invite you to read in our blog the information regarding the information on steriization of puppies to verify that it has no influence on the development and growth of kittens).

they will also be issued with a regular contract in which we will summarize our and your responsibilities.

Our cattery is a member of ANFI (FIFE) and TICA and we are members of the AIR (Italian association Ragdoll