Doll's Dolly Ragdoll

Seductive elegance...        The most faithful companion...          This is the Ragdoll

Blue eyes In which to get lost ...

About Ragdoll

The origin of this sweet breed is still shrouded in mystery. Breeding the first Ragdolls was Mrs Ann Baker founder of the breed. According to his testimonies the first kittens were born in River Side in California in 1963, from Josephine a white cat, angora type that belonged to Mrs Pennels, a neighbor of Ann Baker. This cat was rather shy and her kittens resembled her but one day she was hit by a car with a head injury, was cured and healed. The kittens born after that incident were mild, sociable and relaxed. From a subsequent litter, Mrs Baker chose three kittens, Buckweat a black kitten, Fugianna a two-colored and Raggedy Ann Daddy War bucks, the first mitted to start breeding with the affix of Raggedy Ann. In 1975 Ann Baker patented her cats as Ragdoll and founded IRCA (INTERNATIONAL RAGDOLL CAT ASSOCIATION). We certainly do not know who the Ragdoll's fathers are, but it is supposed to be a Persian, a Burmese and a Sacred from Burma. In Italy the first specimens arrived in the early 90s. Today the Ragdolls are increasingly appreciated thanks to their beauty but above all thanks to their wonderful character.

Their character



"Ragdoll" in English means rag doll; the name derives from the characteristic that presents this cat to abandon itself completely in the arms of the master, becoming "inanimate" just like a rag doll.It is a very sweet cat, polite and so loving that it becomes almost "sticky".


He has a disarming innocence and a unique and inexplicable love for his master. They loves being at the center of attention, they loves cuddles a lot and  loves being held in her arms, so much so that they completely relaxes remaining inert like a soft plush.


They are very intelligent, playful and constantly looking for affection and caresses. Due to its innate qualities of extreme sociability it is suitable for pet therapy programs.
Their voice is delicate and melodious, the ragdoll is a strong breed and nothing delicate.


The famous zooanthropologist Desmond Morris describes his extraordinarily sweet and calm temperament. Not for nothing in the selection of the breed, even before the beauty, have been privileged precisely the character qualities.

The ragdoll is perfect for apartment living: thanks to its mild and tolerant character, it coexists in harmony with children and other family pets.


The ragdolls are joined by the importance that physical contact with the human being has for them, and they are really easily educated.


Varieties of Ragdoll colors

  • colorpoint: the extremities of the snout, legs, ears and tail have a more intense color, while the rest of the body is clear.
  • mitted (gloved): chow the colorpoint has darker ends; the chin, the belly, the front gloves and the ankle boots of the hind legs must be white.
  • bicolor: has a white inverted V on the face mask; the paws, the belly and the collar must be white; dark ears and tail. The body must be light with a slightly more intense back.


  • Seal: dark brown ends
  • Blu: gray-blue ends
  • Red: red-orange ends
  • Cream: cream colored ends
  • Chocolate: light brown ends
  • Lilac o Frost: light gray ends.
  • Linx o Tabby: the color is not uniform, there are streaks